Sheffield’s The Public Speaking Academy Works With Princess Noor of Jordan to Help Deliver a Speech Fit for a Princess

Sheffield’s The Public Speaking Academy has built a reputation of delivering passionate transformational training in public speaking. Recently they had the chance to share these ground breaking methods with HRH Princess Noor of Jordan and the response was remarkable.

Fear of public speaking is a problem many, many people share and no one has really done a better job of approaching that problem dynamically than the coaches at The Public Speaking Academy. The Sheffield based company, after steadily building their reputation in the UK has now stepped onto the international scene in a big way. Their most recent teaching trip to Amman, Jordan was not only exciting for the work done with some of Jordan’s biggest corporate leaders, but also for its surprise guest, HRH Princess Noor Asem.

“We are passionately dedicated to the spoken word, to developing presentation and communication skills and to enabling people from all walks of life become more confident and exciting speakers,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “Did we think our list of students would include royalty? No, but it’s a fantastic surprise and a huge honour. Working with Princess Noor was amazing and something we’ll remember forever. We’re glad she had such a good experience.”

Princess Noor even took a few minutes to talk about the experience on video, and its easy to see how much she enjoyed working with The Public Speaking Academy to develop her communication skills.


In addition to being royalty, the Princess is an entrepreneur heading N-Light-N a business promoting well being through life coaching, and by developing her ability to effectively present to groups, she sees a real way to increase her chances on converting more prospects into customers for the same effort.

All in all in this trip (their second) to Jordan, The Public Speaking Academy spent a week delivering training including their Stage 1 one day introduction to public speaking, and their Stage 2 advanced public speaking course which lasts for three days. One on one training was also delivered in private to some of Jordan’s highest profile business and government leaders to the satisfaction and enjoyment of everyone concerned.

HRH Princess Noor remarked about the training, “We’ve just attended the most amazing public speaking course. The vibe was just so warm and disarming. It was a beautiful place to learn and to grow. For such a topic that can be so intimidating, because it is public speaking, it was the opposite of that. It was a beautiful learning place. The most amazing public speaking course… very safe, and just a day! A huge shift. Amazing experience, highly recommended.”

The Public Speaking Academy holds regular courses in England and are proud to offer their training and coaching to people from every walk of life from royalty and politicians, to SMEs and students. The practical based teaching method has been shown again and again to produce better results than boring lectures and other “old school” methods. The positive, creative environment delivered by the company results in dramatic shifts in confidence and public speaking ability fast. The results don’t lie.