The Three Strategic Levers in Engineering: An Invitation from EPLAN

EPLAN, one of Europe’s leading innovators in computer aided engineering (CAE) solutions, is offering business owners and managers in the engineering sector an invaluable opportunity to extend and update their knowledge of mechatronics, smart data and the integrated value chain.

The themes will be covered in depth at a seminar hosted by EPLAN, which will be held in conjunction with two divisions of the AMRC at the AMRC Knowledge Transfer Centre in Sheffield on 23rd March from 10:00 until 14:00.

The seminar will explain the significance of engineering in industrial operations of all types, citing an illuminating German survey which reveals that, typically, 70% of the costs of a finished product are determined and at least partially controllable by the actions of the engineering and development departments.

It will then look at the factors that affect not only the efficiency of those departments but also their effectiveness in working toward optimised designs and manufacturing techniques.

Key objectives for engineering in the 21st century that will be explored during the seminar include virtualised product development; enhanced flexibility, with the use of building blocks and standardisation even for “lot size one”; engineering data that remains relevant and useful throughout the product life cycle; effective cooperation with internal and external partners; and achieving the cultural change which is essential for remaining competitive in the future.

Throughout the day you’ll also hear from the engineers at the AMRC on how they have successfully implemented EPLAN Electric P8 and EPLAN Pro Panel for their electrical design.

There is no charge for attending this seminar, but places must be reserved in advance by registering at