Sheffield Chamber comments on PM’s plan to seek General Election

Commenting on the PM’s decision to seek a General Election on June 8th, Richard Wright, Executive Director of Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, said:

“The announcement of a snap election will be viewed in a mixed way by business. Many will be worried that it will raise more uncertainty and take attention away from a government when it needs to focus on the economy.

“On the other hand many businesses feel that the Prime Minister was left with little choice. She needs a stronger mandate than she has as she enters the Brexit negotiations. Democracy is a great thing and is why both houses have being able to insist on a vote to either accept or reject the deal at the end of the negotiations. Against this, anybody in business knows that you need to present a very focused argument with no doubts or potential trips to get the best deal. In many ways the Prime Minister will feel she was left with negotiating a deal that she believed might pass a vote in parliament with all its political vested interests rather than the best deal for Britain. And the people she will be negotiating with know that too.

“The country enters these negotiations with plenty of balls to play but they could be rendered useless with the threat of a complete u-turn right at the end. Whilst business would probably rather not have the distraction of an election now they probably understand the need for the Prime Minister to call it. She was in an untenable position.”