Exclusive Garden Party for Dog Lovers

25 years ago from a small hut in the grounds of Lodge Moor, the charity Support Dogs was founded with the simple aim to train dogs to improve lives of those affected by significant medical conditions.

Support dogsSince then the entirely Sheffield based charity has gone on to be national of training assistance dogs for children with autism, and international leaders in training seizure alert dogs for people affected by epilepsy. The charities work for those with physical disabilities has equally grown, with the charity almost uniquely training pet dogs and those from rescue centres to achieve this.

Its work continues to receive national recognition. Only this week it featured in the Daily Express http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/814452/Autism-girl-dog-talk-help-health and the demand for it services are overwhelming. Last year the number calls for help by families affected by autism, epilepsy of physical disability more than doubled to over 3,500 far, far more that the charity can currently help each. The charity relies entirely on voluntary donations and the charity is desperately working to grow to change the lives of many more people. This year the charity, for the first time in 12 years, was able to expand in to additional premises, so making a small step close to achieving this.

To celebrate it’s silver anniversary the charity’s patrons, The Earl & Countess of Scarbrough, are hosting an exclusive garden party taking place in the grounds of their private estate in Sandbeck Park, nr Maltby. Taking place on Sunday 25 June, tickets are available to chamber members at £25 a head including a picnic lunch, exclusive access to Sandbeck’s beautiful grounds and a range of beautiful support dogs to see. To book tickets email danny.anderson@supportdogs.org.uk phone 0114 261 7800 and you can find out more about the charity at www.supportdogs.org.uk