Sheffield Independent Business Services: An Ethical Broker For Your Cost Reduction Services

Sheffield Community Technologies is a recently founded local technology company, with the sole purpose of creating and launching new technology platforms, to benefit the residents, local businesses and city of Sheffield.

Kurtis Wright the founder of SCT, is incredibly excited to be back home in Sheffield after working overseas for many years as a corporate banker.

“The years of experience and insight I gained in my previous career, working with some of the largest organisations in the world will hopefully allow me to create some innovative and market-leading platforms that will help all of our local businesses to succeed and make a difference to the city.

We have already received a warm response and are engaged with local businesses for our first platform which launched in September, Sheffield Independent Business Services.

This service is a free of charge, cost reduction and management consultancy which looks at reducing the cost of all your businesses operational overheads. We are offering this to all types of businesses across the city.

Essentially, its a Moneysupermarket for all the costs and overheads that a business will incur, but with no consultancy or admin fee added to it.

Our second venture which is due to be launched in the new year is Loci Pay

This is what is really exciting me at the minute, as this is Sheffield’s own version of ApplePay.

It is exclusively available to all of our locally owned independent businesses and has a builtin mission which focuses on improving financial inequality.

We are aiming to provide a real-world solution that saves money for business and also allows a consumer to save by way of the roundup transaction facility.

This is at an advanced development stage and on schedule to be launched in Q1 2018.

Sheffield Community Technologies believe in building and nurturing long-term trusted advisor relationships with all our clients. Sheffield Community Technologies intends on launching a new product and solution for the city every 12 months. We are here for the longterm, with the intent on becoming a long-term legacy organisation for the city.”

To find out more about Sheffield Community Technologies and their current ventures please go to for further details. Or feel free to call Kurtis direct on 0114 478 8087.