Zenith One Holdings: A Different Way to Sell Your Business

If you’re thinking of selling your business you’ve probably seen the high cost of using brokers or agents, which will eat into your return on the hard work and long hours you’ve invested.

Then there is the time it takes to sell your business through an agent or broker. A buyer has to be found, and then the sale can take a minimum of nine months to complete, but many take much longer. There can be numerous disputes along the way, which hold up the process or stop the sale and the whole drawn out process of finding a buyer has to begin again.

Once you have made your decision to sell, you will want to get the best deal and complete the sale in the quickest time possible, and that’s where Zenith One Holdings can help.

Sell Your Business Quickly with Lower Costs

At Zenith One Holdings we have a different approach that offers principals selling their business a way to greatly reduce their costs and complete the sale quickly, in some cases in as little as two weeks.

We are not a broker or a business sales agent, we work as business principals. The difference we can make to the sale of your business is:

  • Completion possible within as little as two weeks.
  • Clear and transparent offers and explanations.
  • Offers within as little as 48 hours.
  • No Broker or Agency fees.
  • No valuation fees.

Plus, we offer many more services and options to make the sale of your business simple and easy with no worries or complications. There are options for what happens to your business after the sale, our experienced team will ensure that you receive a realistic business valuation, and you will have a customised plan right from the start of the process.

If you are considering selling your business, maybe retiring, moving on to something new, or have had enough of the work and effort required to own and manage a business, contact us at Zenith One Holdings using the contact details below for an informal discussion on your options.

Who are Zenith One Holdings

We are a private equity firm established to help the owners of owner managed businesses find a way to exit their companies with the best possible value for you as the seller and us as the acquirer.

Led by a proven entrepreneur ;Benjamin Johnson, we provide a totally different approach for founders and owner managers to sell their business and get a realistic return on the investment they have made growing their business.

We don’t just sell your business and move on to the next client. We provide personalised packages, covering the sale, effective options for receiving your payment, and what will happen to your business after you have sold it. If you want to know more about how you can sell your business, and the options we offer, talk to us using the details below.

Email: ob@zenithoneholdings.co.uk
M: 07774593464
T: 03339874478
Address: Blade Enterprise Centre, John Street, S2 4SW.Sheffield