Foundry Films launches Ideas Lab to local businesses

Foundry Films, a Sheffield-based video marketing agency, has launched a free initiative to help businesses experience the benefits of targeted video campaigns.

BFS1Martyn Standering, Co-Owner of Foundry Films, said: “Many companies don’t know where to start when it comes to video. With Ideas Lab, we send businesses a free, personalised video message that includes 3 effective ways in which video can help their businesses grow. This immediately gives them direction, and means they can see a tangible benefit of how it will benefit them.”

Si Gamble, Co-Owner of Foundry Films, said: “Consumers are being bombarded with so much content from businesses that they are beginning to switch-off and not digest the messaging. Video has an advantage over other forms of marketing because it is naturally more engaging, but even then, the content has to be interesting and of value to the viewer. That’s where we come in.”

In one of their recent projects, Foundry Films created a branded advert for BFS Accountants. The video experienced over 30,000 views on social media, leading to many new business enquiries and an increase in brand awareness:

In another project, they worked closely with Sheffield-based CRA Consulting to create a new recruitment campaign. The company has since added numerous staff members to its team:

To experience Foundry Films’ Ideas Lab, see here: