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Podcasts still seem to be a bit of a hit and miss medium. Some people love them, others have never heard of them! Last year, Digital Agency owner Pete Everitt, took to the podcasting airwaves launching the Marketing Development Podcast. Almost 12 months in and the podcast now has hundreds of listens a week, and Pete is launching online courses on the back of his successful content.

PE-logo-01Pete owns SO… Digital Communications (, based in Millhouses, who design and deliver websites and digital marketing campaigns for their clients. When asked about why he launched the podcast, Pete answered “It seemed obvious really. As an agency we work really closely with a number of Marketing Consultants. These consultants seem to be having the same issues with the same aspects of marketing strategy and delivery. Launching the podcast seemed to be a common sense way of addressing some of these issues and bringing Consultants together in the process.”

The Marketing Development Podcast launched in March 2018 and has been released (almost) every Monday since. The aim is to deliver high quality advice upon a range of marketing related subjects. Guests have come from around the globe and have covered topics including marketing strategy, SEO, content planning and creation, running an agency and brand building.

image001This month Pete and his team have launched the Marketing Development Academy (– an online resource delivering premium content to its delegates. Commenting, Pete said “The Academy seems like the next natural step. The podcast has increased our reach to a global market. Our agency has benefitted directly from work that we have received from podcast listeners, but there is also a groundswell of people who don’t need agency support, but do need to ‘skill up’ to help them build their own businesses and service their own clients. That’s where the Academy comes in.”

At the moment, Pete is working on launching the first course, Demystifying SEO, which is on sale now and due to start delivery on February 25th. More details are available on the Academy website –

For any more information, contact Pete at

  • Lee Jackson

    Huge fan of Pete’s! His content is AWESOME!

  • Kyle Van Deusen

    Pete’s podcast, and mentorship has meant loads to me and my business. Glad to see he’s reaching even more people.