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An exciting new development in the Sheffield City Region has taken place. Through the deployment of a full fibre network infrastructure by City Fibre, the UK’s largest alternative provider of fibre network infrastructure and builder of Gigabit Cities. Sheffield is now a Gigabit City!

Digital Exchange have partnered with City Fibre and can now offer organisations across The Sheffield & Rotherham access to 500Mbps or 1Gbps symmetrical (upload/download speeds the same), uncontended (private to you) internet connectivity with a 6 hour return to service guarantee. At a price so competitive it is unheard of in the marketplace.

As businesses work on the mantra of transform today, outperform tomorrow, this is a game changer for the region. Organisations are striving to gain a competitive advantage through embracing the digital era; access to cloud computing, off-site backup & recovery, hosted voice services, etc are made easier by having a super-fast and reliable internet connection. Having access to Gigabit speeds makes the digital transformation dream an affordable reality through the Gigabit Cities initiative. Read more about Gigabit Cities HERE.

As part of the UK Government’s commitment to the vision for a full fibre Britain, the Department for Culture, Media & Sport announced in 2018 a £67 million Gigabit Voucher scheme, which in simple terms means connections are subsidised across a 36-month period. The saving equates to £2500 over the full term.

The Voucher scheme process is handled completely by Digital Exchange to ensure ease and peace of mind. The Voucher funding is time-limited, therefore once the funding has been allocated there is no indication it will be topped up or replaced.

If you’d like to check availability for this ground-breaking connectivity or discuss an ICT project you’re thinking about embarking on, we’d love to help. We have a fantastic team of specialists here at Digital Exchange, so please do get in touch. Transform today, Outperform tomorrow.

Click HERE to download the fact guide on Gigabit Cities.