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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment is a non-invasive, painless and effective treatment for depression. TMS treatment helps alleviate symptoms of depression such as low mood, anxiety, low motivation, poor appetite and more.

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“I would highly recommend the rTMS Centre. Very helpful, lovely manner, and really do seem to care about your situation. The Consultation was very informative and we were made to feel at ease. Thank you so much.”

“Professional service and very effective treatment. I have had a fantastic experience with this company. Clinic Manager Nima has been incredibly attentive, professional and helpful during my treatment and Dr Matta has been instrumental in helping me further understand my health and how I can manage it going forward. rTMS has been very effective for me and this is a great place to try it.”

“Noticeable difference. I have been on medication for anxiety since I was 15 and antidepressants since I was 19. Though they helped I never felt like things were managed. I began to notice a change by the 3rd week of treatment. I no longer feel on edge or worried all the time and have already reduced my anxiety medication drastically and am working on decreasing my antidepressants. Close family and friends have even commented that I seem more chipper.”

“Dr. Mata and Nima were really friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. Very caring and considerate, will do their best to help make you comfortable and at ease.”

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