Sheffield to seize the benefits of Blades Premiership

alexisAlexis Krachai, Chair of the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce Visitor Economy Forum reacts to Sheffield United’s promotion to the Premier League.

“The promotion of SUFC to the Premiership is a real boost to the city. The visitor economy stands to enjoy the immediate benefit from increased numbers of visiting fans from across the country.

“That said, the wider benefits to the city have to be seized. This is about capturing the opportunity and not expecting the city’s economy to benefit automatically from Sheffield United’s promotion.

“It is 12 years since the Blades were in the Premiership. To acknowledge this success and to build for the future the Sheffield Chamber Visitor Economy Forum would be interested to hear from Chamber members views on:

  • The immediate practical benefit the promotion can deliver to the city’s businesses, particularly those involved in the visitor economy.
  • The 12 steps Chamber members think the city should make to maximise this opportunity.

“Your input will be hugely helpful as the Chamber gets set to work with others to welcome the Premiership back to the city.

“For those in red and white. Up the Blades. For those in Blue and White. Worry not. Your time will come. Keep the faith.”

If you would like to respond to Alexis’s comments or get invovled with Sheffield Chamber’s Visitor Economy Forum, please contact Sam Christmas on 0114 201 8918