The Eden Dora Trust – Supporting Children with Encephalitis & life changing Acquired Brain Injuries

edt_logo_tinyThe Eden Dora Trust was established in Sheffield in 2014 for children with Encephalitis (Inflammation of the brain), and the life changing Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and other medical complications that follow this debilitating illness. It was founded by a mum after her daughter, aged 6, got Encephalitis from a simple virus and narrowly survived it – as so many other children do not. Over 6,000 children are diagnosed with Encephalitis every year in the UK! There was nowhere near enough support out there, and Eden’s mum knew that she needed to help others, not wanting any other family to go through the life changing illness and rehabilitation alone like they had to.


The Eden Dora Trust helps make life better and easier for children & families affected by Encephalitis through support, information and research. They offer support – including visiting children in hospital with Encephalitis, and families after hospital discharge too. Supporting professionals & families with advice on re-integration to school, different forms of rehabilitation and much more. They raise awareness and fund research in to the causes, diagnoses & treatments of Childhood Encephalitis and acquired brain injuries; They fund training workshops in every region of the UK, for families, teachers and health care professionals involved with the ongoing care and rehabilitation of children affected by this life changing illness. Helping children and their families feel less isolated, different, misunderstood and alone.

edendora2The Eden Dora Trust works with the help of their extensive advisory panel and is the only charity in the UK dedicated solely to children who suffer from Encephalitis, that anyone can get, at any time. The Eden Dora Trust are raising funds to not only continue the desperately needed work they are doing , but for a new initiative they are working on to provide more support and education for professionals within schools to enable the school to support a child in their care with an Acquired Brain Injury – in the appropriate and specific way needed for that child. Over 40,000 children are diagnosed with an ABI EVERY YEAR in the UK, with their rehabilitation being school!

Last month they held a Childhood Encephalitis Study Day which took place at Irwin Mitchell, Sheffield. The day was aimed at helping all medical, rehab and educational professionals to ed5understand more about the diagnosis of Childhood Encephalitis, its impact and rehabilitation. Working in collaboration with the Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust and Irwin Mitchell, the focus of the day was to consider the impact of early diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of children with encephalitis and the longer-term impact for the child and family from a medical, legal and educational perspective.

They are looking for local businesses to help support them with wd6their mission, please contact if you would like to chat further about how you can offer your support.

They also have a fabulous winter ball on 15th November at The Double Tree Hilton. To book your tickets or to find out more about their sponsorship packages please email: 


Further details on their Charity Ball



Please see their social media pages @edendoratrust and their website for more information about the devastating effects of Childhood Encephalitis and Childhood Acquired Brain Injuries.