Games for Business – innovative tools to build, grow and engage your workforce. With us, great business is the end game

At Games Explorers we’re as passionate about games as we are about business. Combining the two just makes perfect sense, our brand new Games for Business programme can help businesses support their clients and employees to work through strategies and grow in a creative environment. With us, great business is the end game…

But how do we do this? With our new Games for Business programme, we work with businesses to help individuals to enhance their skills and performance through the medium of games.

GamesXUrbanIta-31Games for Business will provide:

  • innovative tools for learning
  • development of strategic thinking
  • cognitive challenges
  • problem solving
  • business team participation through game play

Outcomes your business can expect:

  • Games Explorers-30improved function
  • increased understanding, delivering tools individuals can take away and use
  • a creative confidence
  • help your teams and individuals to identify hidden skills
  • a takeaway ‘toolbox’ for learning
  •  personal and interpersonal growth

Added benefits of attending Games for Business:

  •  reduced absenteeism due to improved team working and individual skills defined and identified
  • increased overall individual and team productivity

How can Games for Business increase productivity?

Games Explorers uses Games for Business to act as a transformative and inspiring business development tool. Our aim is the same as yours; to inspire, incentivise and engage individuals and teams and enable them to feel good about themselves and their place in the business.

Our tools are gentle but effective. We provide practical play for teams to learn key business skills to employ, enjoy and to take away.

If this sounds like the innovative business development experience you’ve been looking for, come and explore what we can do for you at one of our events, email Katie on, or call 07973140686.

Book now! Discounts are available for Chamber members with code CHAMBER!

To find out more about the business behind Games for Business check for more information on our website…

Meet the founder, Katie Bain:

Katie brings Games for Business to life with her love of gaming, coupled with her fiercely professional approach. Her background (of 12 years) in a Health and Safety environment gives her the perfect understanding of the complexities of processes as well as a keen ability to advise and support others. Her extensive knowledge in the development and delivery of training programmes helps to translate effortlessly into this new venture, Games for Business.

Katie also loves cats, copious amounts of tea and of course, games…

For an informal chat before you book, please get in touch with Katie on 07973140686.