What is Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing?

Unlock Additive Manufacturing for Manufacturers and Businesses

  • Create more valuable products.
  • Increase profit and reduce development risk.
  • Reduce manufacturing waste.
  • Reduce or remove supplier minimum order quantities.
  • Metals, plastics, elastomers and composites can be additive manufactured.

Addition are an additive manufacturing and 3D printing consultancy. We unlock the significant benefits of additive manufacturing and 3D print technology for manufacturers and businesses.

What is Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing?

Supply 2You may have heard of 3D printing and the exciting ways people use it. You may have invested in 3D printing technology. But are you using it to manufacture products, in volume? Additive manufacture is the broader term for using 3D printing technology to produce end-use products and components and at Addition, we help companies to unlock the benefits of manufacturing in this way.

Additive manufacture is already giving manufacturers and innovative businesses a competitive advantage, are you one of them?

We are experienced in advanced and traditional manufacturing and work across multiple markets to deliver and supply our four core services which ensure our customers effectively engage with additive and 3D print technology.

  • Our consultancy service won’t show you how you can benefit, it aims to prove it.
  • Business focused 3D printing training.
  • Specialist design for additive manufacturing, a service in global demand.
  • Supply of additive manufactured components.
  • We also work with those that can benefit from bespoke additive technology by developing systems from concept to machine development.

With a heritage in consultancy, advanced design and manufacture we operate from a purpose-built facility at the advanced manufacturing park in Sheffield and are part of a 50-year-old subcontract manufacture and supply group with over 300 employees across 4 sites.

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