Chamber member, Cicerone, offering members a free 3 hour strategy session

Do you know what your biggest challenges or opportunities are? To celebrate becoming a Premium Partner, Cicerone are offering members a free 3 hour strategy session to help answer this question and introduce them to business coaching.

At Cicerone, we offer an innovative and proven approach to strategic business planning. We conduct thought-provoking sessions that can:

  • Help you define an exit strategy
  • Review your business plan
  • Guide you on your international growth development
  • Increase sales
  • Assist with strategic direction
  • Define optimal funding structures for your business

Cicerone exists to support teams, leaders, board level executives and SME owners to develop and implement winning strategies. We act as facilitators not consultants. You know your business more than anyone else. We are here to support you in your transformation. Our mission is simple – to help entrepreneurs reach their dreams and ambitions.
We do this by living and breathing our core values which mean being:

  • Supportive: We are here to help you in your journey
  • Purpose oriented: We will focus on whatever your purpose is
  • Proactive: We listen but also provide advice
  • Candid and simple: We help with simple answers that are based on our experience

Business is a journey and Cicerone is your guide to success.

Members can get access to this exclusive offer by quoting ‘SCCI-Cicerone’ via email or phone on 07931 444161 or

Visit Cicerone’s website at