SVM Limitless – Making Benefits Easier

SVM Limitless powered by Wrkit, is the established benefits platform that helps drive engagement and happiness with your employees and members.

We know one size doesn’t fit all, that’s why each platform is tailored to your company. In addition to having the option to customise the colours and logo, you select and choose from our 5 different modules to create your own bespoke platform.

Lifestyle Savings

Maximise spending power with 100’s of savings and offers on everything from everyday essentials to luxurious treats.


Create a healthy environment, reduce stress and improve contentment with our tailored solution. This module is created by clinical directors, psychologists and lifestyle experts to provide users with the tools to improve their own wellbeing.


Complement your ‘thank you’ culture and show people they’re recognised and appraised with digital recognition. It can be a monetised reward from an employer, or a simple thank you from a colleague.


Measure, understand and improve your users’ satisfaction. Surveys allow people to voice praise and concerns anonymously, helping you keep in touch with the ‘mood’ of your organisation.


Continually learn for less with 1000’s of free to access online courses from sales management to photography. Whether they develop their personal or professional skills is up to the user…why not both!

Wrkit have been in the industry for 20 years, and have many leading companies such as the NHS, Vodafone and TGI Fridays using the solution.

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