Mums In Need are asking for your help to find a new home

Mums In Need is a small, Sheffield-based registered charity that helps vulnerable mums who have escaped emotionally abusive relationships. We provide women with face-to-face support to help them get the support they need, overcome their fears and rebuild their lives.

Mums In Need became a registered charity just a little over a year ago. Unfortunately, our contract at our current home at City Road expires in Jan 2020 and we will essentially be homeless. As yet, we have not been able to access funds to pay for the use of a space.

We are reaching out to the fantastic people and businesses of Sheffield to ask for your help! We are now fundraising to help us secure our future but soon we will be without a home so are asking anyone and everyone if they have or know of any space that could accommodate us during 2020. Right now, our budgets are stretched so we are hoping to keep costs as low as possible, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that someone reading this will be able to throw us a lifeline!

We need to urgently source some premises to continue our service as we provide support to a group of vulnerable mums, which would be significantly affected with a loss of space. The ideal space size would be 750-1000 sq ft as we are accommodating 6 desks for 6 people.

Do you know of any unused space or office units that may be available in either the long or short term to house Mums In Need? If you think you may be able to help us in any way at all, via a property that may be suitable or if you would like to make a donation of any size, please do get in touch!

Ideally, we would be hoping for at least two separate offices and an area for visitors/ service users and a kitchen as we provide drinks and food for our service users when hosting events such as coffee mornings, support sessions and assessments etc.

However, the absolute bottom line requirements for this service to continue running would be:

  • An office space that could accommodate 6 people
  • A meeting/interview room that is sufficiently private to enable us to carry out assessments with our vulnerable mums.
  • Access to kitchen and toilets

Please note: We have been operating for 2.5 years and we already have all of our own furniture in order for us to hold weekly team meetings, monthly social media meetings, quarterly board meetings.

We would be able to pay our own bills, or make a contribution if sharing space with another organisation. Longer term we hope to secure funding that would help us source a permanent home, but at such a critical stage for our services, we are relying on your help to keep supporting those who rely on us!

No doubt it will be a difficult time, but if we plan well we can hopefully make the transition to MIN’s next accommodation as smooth as possible.

If you need more information please contact Laura on who would love to hear any ideas and discuss our requirements.

Please watch the video below to learn more about the support that Mums In Need have offered to their clients.