Got a Question or an Issue about your Marketing for 2020?

Shelton Associates’ Marketing Advice Centre is offering all Members of the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce a FREE initial consultation to ‘kickstart’ your Marketing for 2020

Just let us know your question or issue that could a real difference to your marketing and we’ll get straight back to you…

Click here to ask a Question about Your Marketing – Free Advice

What is the Marketing Advice Centre?

At Shelton Associates’ Marketing Advice Centre, we have specialists who are able to help you  develop sales through a range of powerful tools including Amazon, Google Adwords, LinkedIn, Facebook, Email, Youtube Ads, eBay, Instagram etc…  We can give you advice about developing your Marketing Plan for 2020-In fact, all you need to take your business forward next year.

Maybe you would just like to have a chat about your marketing or perhaps you’ve just taken on a new member of staff who could benefit from having someone to talk to about Strategic or Digital Marketing…

The Marketing Advice Centre normally costs £247 plus VAT per month, but we are offering you a FREE initial consultation to answer those key marketing questions to get your business moving forward.

Just get in touch…

Click here to ask a Question about Your Marketing – Free Advice

Typical enquiries to the Marketing Advice Centre include:

  • How can I develop a Marketing Plan for my business?
  • Why is my website not performing?
  • How can I get sales leads from Facebook, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc?
  • How should I be marketing my business?
  • Why aren’t my Facebook Ads working for my business?
  • Can you help me  to sell my products on Amazon and eBay?