Life’s a Learning Curve

No two days are ever the same here at Mantra. I’ve been here for nearly six months now, and although I know many aspects of my job like the back of my hand, I’ve learnt in the last few weeks that there’s always something new to get stuck into.

As part of the social media team, most of my day to day work involves crafting content for our clients to go across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, but this month, I had the opportunity to explore some new skills and take on some exciting challenges.

As a lover of language, this month has been a great chance for me to further develop my writing skills. I have been involved in creating new copy for two websites; both of which differ wildly. As website copy was something I hadn’t yet explored, it was fascinating for me to delve into both businesses and understand them completely so that I could write interesting and informative copy, sharing valuable insights into the business that are designed to resonate with their target audiences.

The next opportunity came in the form of a branding project. This was something totally new to me, but I was itching to get started. Working alongside our Lead Illustrator and Concept Artist, we conducted extensive research and creative brainstorming to craft three bespoke branding concepts, each designed to achieve the most tangible results. Overcoming the challenges of understanding and creating something different, and coming out the other end with three concepts I was proud of was an enriching experience for me, and one I’m keen to dive into again.

It was a challenge to understand the ins and outs of what needed to be done and how to approach each individual task, but these were challenges that I thrived off and thoroughly enjoyed. I’m discovering now that here at Mantra, there is tremendous scope for learning and development, and with each project being worlds apart, I’m excited to climb the next part of the learning curve.

Our expertise and adaptability mean every challenge becomes an opportunity. If you want to learn more about the dedicated processes behind each of our bespoke projects, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.