Focussing On Photography: Antony Baker

Having worked in middle management for (mainly) Sheffield City Council and organising courses for the NHS for many years I had the opportunity to turn a lifelong passion for photography into a business. Focussing On Photography Ltd first saw the light of day on February 2014 after about eighteen months in the planning and it’s been an incredible experience.

Covering commercial (most recently all things front of house for the Sheffield Business Awards 2019), portraits, pets, weddings and landscape photography I also provide photography training to help with anything from getting to grips with a new camera to how to get off automatic modes and get creative! It’s all about you controlling the camera rather than vice versa.

For me, my business is all about me talking to you, finding out what you’d like and then working with you to get the results that you’ve paid me for, whether images, products or knowledge.