Move More Workplace Challenge

Sheffield Chamber are inviting all business in Sheffield to take part in the Move More Workplace Challenge in the month of July. Here, you will go head to head with other participating businesses to see which business More More!

Move More app (1)This is not asking you to run a marathon, Move More is an ambassador for #everyminutecounts. Instead of taking the lift – take the stairs, instead of driving to the corner shop, walk instead. Every minute moving equates to one Move More Minute, which will contribute to your business’ overall score.

What’s the benefit to you?

Helping people to become more active, whatever their age or ability, is probably the best thing you can do for their health and wellbeing. It’s proven that increased activity improves overall health and happiness, while benefiting from a reduction in both absenteeism and presenteeism, creating a more productive workforce.


All you have to do is express your interest and download the Move More app to your smartphone device. The app will record your movement and the data will automatically update to the Workplace Challenge Dashboard. Here you will see who is the lead for the title of Most Moving Business in Sheffield. You can even drill down and see which staff member moves most.

If you are interested in taking part or would like more information, please email by the 17th June 2016 or complete the form below:

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More About Move More

300x250-banner5Move More is the ambassador for physical activity and wellbeing in Sheffield.

The world we all live in doesn’t make being physically active very easy; in fact, it’s easier to move less than it is to Move More! Move More provides support, guidance and expert advice, through its partner network and use of technology, helping people to be more active.

It aims to help Sheffield become the most active City in the UK by 2020. And influence meaningful improvement in the health, wellbeing and quality of life of everybody living in the city. It’s the huge support from the Council, the NHS, Activity and Wellbeing providers, businesses and individuals that makes Move More what it is.

July is Move More Month. Activities and events are happening all over Sheffield, not just in business, but in schools and the community.

More information on Move More and other activities in July is available at

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