An Introduction to Export


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Half day
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DATE:   12.09.2017

LOCATION:   Albion House

TIME:   9:30

Course Overview

International trade is growing day by day and there have never been so many opportunities available to businesses looking for new markets. The UK makes up just 1% of the world’s population, so any growing business should think about getting it’s product to the remaining 99% of the global market. On average 34% of exporters experience an increase in productivity during the year they start exporting and also have a 12% higher survival rate than companies that do not export.
This half day course is an excellent opener for anyone wishing to take the export route, right from the very beginning.

This workshop will cover;
• Course Introduction
• Why do companies export and what are the benefits as well as challenges?
• Export @ your SERVICE – The lesser known partner to the PRODUCTS.
• Your entry strategy and market research.
• Getting export ready – Can you process an export order?
• Choosing the right route to market.
• Managing and Motivating Distributors
• The CONTRACT and how to reduce risk, cost and be in control.
• The importance of understanding culture and language in international trade.
• The Export Manager role– A ‘Jack of all Trades’?


You will be able to understand what your company needs to do in order to set itself up for long term exporting success. You will get to know the different routes one can use to distribute your product or service and how to carry out comprehensive due diligence process in selecting the right partner. You will understand why formal contracts are vital in the Principal-Distributor/Agent relationship. You will also understand how culture and language influences the level of success achieved in international trade.


All notes and presentation will be provided