Effective Telephone Techniques


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1 day
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DATE:   29.08.2019

LOCATION:   Albion House

TIME:   9:30

Course Overview

How staff conduct themselves on the telephone speaks volumes about an organisation’s professionalism. Getting it right will be instrumental to helping to promote the brand, get the customer on board and even spread the word about a business’s exceptional service.

This course teaches people how to communicate in a manner that inspires the confidence and trust of a caller, and gives the best possible impression of the business.


By the end of the day delegates will know and have practiced what they need to do so that they can demonstrate a confident and assertive style over the telephone. At the end of the day delegates will be able to:

Structure of the Day

9.30am to 11.00am

  • Create a positive impression with customers, every time
  • Follow simple step-by-step techniques for common business scenarios

11.15am to 12.30pm

  • Communicate with confidence and feel confident during any customer interaction
  • Use voice, listening skills and posture to create the right impression

1.00pm to 2.30pm

  • Place Callers on Hold, Transfer Calls and Handle Transferred Calls
  • Take messages and answer a colleagues phone professionally

2.45pm to 4.30pm

  • Use effective techniques to politely turn conflict calls to a positive outcome
  • Demonstrate active listening skills and effective questioning techniques

Benefits of Attending

  • Develop the skills and behaviours that build confidence and assertiveness
  • Improve effective telephone techniques and styles to achieve the required outcome
  • Learn from the experiences shared with others during the day


Full course notes provided

The Trainer

Alan Richards is the CEO of Action for Results and is passionate about developing the people he works with. With a 25 year background in Sales, Leadership and Management, a serving National Leader of Governance, an MBA and now a Director of a Multi Academy Trust. Alan is committed to sharing best practice, knowledge and experience by challenging his learners to be the best leader they can possibly be.