Finance for the Non-Financial Manager


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1 day
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DATE:   24.04.2019

LOCATION:   Albion House

TIME:   9:30

DATE:   25.09.2019

LOCATION:   Albion House

TIME:   9:30

Course Overview

This course has been designed by business people, with real life experience of how finance understanding can help drive business performance and profits.

Finance decisions are taken at all levels in an organisation, that impact the overall company results. The ability to read finance reports, and apply them in a practical sense, is the cornerstone of an effective manager, director, and leader.

This course starts by assuming no prior knowledge of finance and accounting, and carefully explains and practically illustrates the various components of finance reports.

Interpreting finance reports to practically further the business, is the outcome of this course, delivered by a trainer who holds 29 years experience in growing businesses.


By the end of the day delegates will have a working knowledge of strategic business finance and be confident of being able to read accounts and ask relevant questions.

At the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Read and analyse P&L accounts
  • Understand the various terms and measurements and apply them practically in your business
  • Understand the difference between profit and cash flow
  • Take the lead on credit control and pricing to maximise profit
  • Understand why a balance sheet exists and the statutory filing needed
  • Able to ask questions that uncover hidden or vague details

Structure of the Day

This course has been developed by Business people, for business people. Usually aimed at the Senior Executives in an Organisation of any size, this one day workshop assumes no starting knowledge at all.

The course elements consist of the following;

  • Introduction to Finance
  • Nominal Accounts
  • Profit and Loss Accounts
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Basic Introduction to Balance Sheets
  • Case study work

The day closes around 5pm, but ongoing lifetime support is offered to all Delegates in respect of any queries relating to Finance and financial understanding.

Benefits of Attending

  • Develop the skills and insights that build confidence in matters of finance
  • Improve financial analysis and deepen understanding
  • Learn from the experiences shared with others during the day


All course notes provided

The Trainer

Philip Webb set up his first business in 1990, selling computer hardware, networks and consultancy. This business grew from start-up to £6.7m in just four years, and was sold in 1996. Philip then established a 50:50 JV with BDO to delivery consultancy support to SME businesses and to the UKGOV Small business service.

Philip went on to build and sell a further five companies, floating one on the UK OFEX stock market.

Instrumental in supporting over 140 businesses in three years under a GOV sponsored “high growth support programme” His practical knowledge and broad experience assisted many companies to find early success and rapid growth. His 29 year long and wide experiences of restructuring and growing business now form the backbone of TAM UK.