Successful Presenting


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Course Overview

Why train with Dale Carnegie?

Dale Carnegie is the industry leader and a true benchmark in professional training and development solutions.

Our training is known to ignite long-term behaviour change, and fuel emotional and intellectual engagement in businesses of all sizes. Dale Carnegie’s unique results-driven methods have endured around the world for over a century. We’re determined to drive your organisation toward its goals.

Sweaty Palms? Butterflies in your stomach? Can’t remember your first two sentences?
Well now you never have to experience that anxiety and embarrassment again.

A one-day course that uses the foolproof methods of Dale Carnegie – the master of public speaking – to turn you from a nervous novice into a confident presenter. Dale Carnegie believed that public speaking is a skill to be learned, not an inborn trait.

Dale Carnegie Training® gives business people the tools to successfully build their case. We excel at empowering people to communicate under any conditions. We deliver critical methods and tools people can use to present compelling messages, connect confidently with any audience, and help generate new growth.

If you’re tired of watching people do well because they can convey their ideas convincingly; or if you’re no longer content to sit on the sidelines, this course is for you.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who wants to build confidence and overcome the fears associated with presenting. Business professionals will gain the skills to clearly and effectively present materials to teams, organisations, or public groups.


Participants learn how to:

  • Communicate with credibility
  • Assess your audience and persuade them to action
  • Organise your thoughts and materials with a central theme
  • Lead effective Q&A sessions
  • Create an opening that grabs attention
  • Select the appropriate visual aids
  • Make your material more varied and lively
  • Capitalize on your strengths
  • Develop emotional contact with your audience


All course notes provided.