Fragomen’s Tool kit for responding to the Migration Advisory Committee

The Home Secretary has asked the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), an independent government advisory body of economists, to provide advice on:

  • the economic and social impacts of the UK’s exit from the European Union, and
  • how the UK’s immigration system should be aligned with a modern industrial strategy.

The MAC will publish their final report in September 2018. The MAC, in turn, is asking for businesses to provide advice and evidence by 27 October 2017.

We are encouraging our clients to respond to the MAC consultation. An end to free movement could limit or end your access to the European workforce and it is important that your voice is heard.

The tool kit can be found on the Fragomen website here. It contains a lot of useful information, advice and templates to allow you to prepare your response. It explains in more detail why European immigration is important, who you may need to alert in your organisation, the timeline for creation of the new UK immigration system for European nationals, and how to provide a response to the MAC’s various questions.

(Please note that Fragomen will also be responding to the MAC, and we will be sending out a survey to our clients to gather data for this, during September. If you do not send a response to the MAC yourself you may wish to respond to our client survey; we will then provide advice to the MAC without naming contributors. You would not be alone in preferring to be part of a collective response.)

If you have any questions please contact Kathleen O’Donnell at