GB Boxing – a real Sheffield success.

GB Boxing Annual Review 2016-17: Towards Future Success

GB Boxing is located at the English Institute of Sport on Attercliffe Road. It has had unprecedented success in the last few Olympics and now is the training centre for Anthony Joshua. As such it is an important part of our city and a great ambassador for us. We have attached a copy of their latest Annual Review, ‘Towards future success’ here.

The Review describes the recent history of the World Class Performance Programme (WCPP) for boxing and provides details of the progress they have made, not just in performance terms but also in their operations and sustainability.

It includes contributions from their Performance Director, Rob McCracken and a Foreword from the Minister for Sport, Tracey Crouch MP, in which she recounts some of her recent encounters with members of the GB Boxing squad.

As part of their commitment to maintaining high standards of governance and transparency, the Review also includes a detailed Financial Review.

It goes on to provide an account of how, following the departure to the professional ranks of three-quarters of the boxers that competed in Rio, the GB Boxing squad has been regenerated and went on to deliver a record breaking year in 2017 as a new group of male boxers won nine medals at two major championships. This followed on the back of a new group of female boxers returning from the European Championships in late 2016 with three medals.

The Review explains how work to develop GB Boxing’s talent pathways has contributed to the programme’s ability to deliver sustained success and provides an insight into the work of GB Boxing’s world-class performance team of coaches and sports scientists led by Rob McCracken.

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