Gripple Volunteers Fit For The BBC Screen Again

Once again Gripple, Sheffield’s celebrated manufacturer, was featured on primetime television after six of its staff had volunteered to take part in a new BBC One documentary presented by Dr Michael Mosley. ‘The Truth About Getting Fit’ show.

The male and female Gripple staff needed to be between 40 and 60 years and not involved currently in any structured fitness activity, other than walking!

The volunteers, from Gripple’s factory floors and office departments, were filmed by the BBC for a full day as they worked at the Gripple HQ, The Old West Gun Works and the company’s Riverside factory.

Over a few days the six were involved in bursts of exercise, steps and walking in the park, with attached monitors recording their heart rates throughout

At the end of a week the results of the volunteers’ efforts were revealed by Michael Mosley and Prof Robert Copeland from Sheffield Hallam University when they visited the HQ for filming as part of the show.

One of the volunteers, Judy Rodgers, a sales and research co-ordinator, said: “We all enjoyed this experience, which was a ‘wakeup call’ for us. We now know that getting fit needn’t be time-consuming, too strenuous and expensive. We hope that viewers now feel the same.”