Supertram Rail Replacement Scheme

Supertram Rail Replacement Scheme – Area 2 Birley Lane to Halfway – Saturday 23 June to Wednesday 8 August

Area 1 Hillsborough to Middlewood works are scheduled for completion on 15 June and Area 2 Birley Lane to Halfway works are set to begin on Saturday 23 June. Some preparatory works will be undertaken overnight ahead of this date. VolkerRail, the contractor carrying out the works will post letters to local residents and businesses around the works areas notifying them of any disruptions. The attached letter provides details of where these preparatory works will be taking place and when.

Details regarding tram replacement buses which will be in operation whilst the Rail Replacement works are taking place in the area along with details of the disruptions to services and traffic during the works can be found below. Supertram’s Area 2 customer information leaflet is also attached for your information.

Area Specific DL Booklet