Shefffield Chamber: BCC submission to the Chancellor

Dear Member

We thought you might be interested in seeing the BCC submission to the Chancellor that was handed to him this week. It is a really difficult time to balance all the needs and after much consultation across the country (including routine “Brexit” calls) the attached letter and precis were finalised. It should be read in conjunction with the Brexit Risk register which you have already had because they both form the basis on which we will asses and push back on the budget and the eventual deal/no deal. BCC has been unique across the country in trying to keep out of the politics of everything but stick to basic business questions that need answering in the event of any outcome. We are focused on protecting the ability of businesses to continue to operate whatever the outcome.

I know that many departments of Government value the straight approach to issues on the Brexit risk register for instance because they use it at most of the meetings we have.

From a Sheffield point of view we have raised a number of issues that have either been fully or partly addresses or are being raised regularly. Very early on we took the President of the BCC to see an exporting company in Sheffield to highlight the issues around European standards v British Standards and maintaining compatibility so we can continue to serve the European markets. There has already been some movement on this but, in our opinion, more work o do. Also early on we were the first Chamber to raise the issues around cash flow/cash availability after Brexit if exporting and importing was slower, or indeed if businesses had to create a buffer on the continent to achieve specified service levels. There has definitely been some movement here.

We are always happy to understand specific issues from you so please do tell us and, if not already done so, we will feed them into the work we are doing nationally. Our policy is to try and become a partner for Government to understand the reality on the ground and to stay out of politics.

Kind Regards
Richard Wright

18-09-28 2018 Autumn Budget Submission

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