Can your business afford to ignore 3D Printing?

The Addition Design training course offers an exceptional opportunity to investigate and find the right answer, by providing a hands-on experience, with no preaching and no sales pitches from impartial 3D printing design and research experts.

UK businesses are currently under-utilizing 3D printing or not using the technology at all. This course aims to
provide a solid and realistic foundation on which to build a true competitive advantage. This is achieved by a course that has been developed by our highly experienced team to:

  • Dispel the myths around 3D printing
  • Demonstrate real advantages
  • Help identify opportunities

Course Objectives:

This 1-day course aims to empower attendees and drive informed, practical decisions to capitalise on 3D printing technology. The course has been developed for business decision makers with no experience of 3D printing.

The course will cover:

  • The business values of 3D printing
  • What your business needs to make 3D printing work
  • Overview of different 3D printing processes/materials
  • Advantages / disadvantages of different 3D printers
  • Hands-on experience of different 3D printers

Next Course Dates:

  • 16th January 2019
  • 13th March 2019

Price: £149.00+VAT (including food and refreshments)

Addition Design and Research is a dedicated strategic research and design partner, pushing the boundaries of 3D print technology and providing end-to-end advanced design and manufacturing solutions.

To find out more about our course or to book a place, please e-mail or call us on +44(0)1142 693869