Important Information: Energy Industry Update

PEP_Logo_-300x145From April 2019 the government will increase the CCL rate to compensate for the loss of CRC revenue.

CCL rates will increase for businesses between now and April 2019, with an overall increase of 50% for electricity and 72% for gas. The larger increase for gas is an attempt by the government to rebalance gas & electricity tax ratios as it is hoped by 2025 the ratio will be 1:1.

Future rates can be seen in the table below:

From 1st April 2016 From 1st April 2017 From 1st April 2018 From 1st April 2019
Electricity (£ per kWh) 0.00559 0.00568 ↑2% 0.00583 ↑3% 0.00847 ↑45%
Gas (£ per kWh) 0.00195 0.00198 ↑2% 0.00203 ↑3% 0.00339 ↑67%

The only way to avoid this rise in energy prices is to reduce your business’ energy consumption, as CCL is charged in pence per unit (Kwh).

Need to check if your are eligible for CCL relief?

Click here to find out. Sheffield Chamber has a dedicated Chamber Energy Service which can advise you. This service is delivered in partnership with Professional Energy Purchasing Ltd