Does Health & Safety deliver a ROI? We believe it can!?

Managing Health & Safety comes with a cost and for many businesses a cost without a positive return other than compliance and red tape.

We believe that an effective health & safety management system, integrated into business operations delivers a range of benefits to the business beyond just safety. Here’s 3 for starters.

1. Employee Engagement

Widely recognised as a major factor in productivity. In the Gallup Employee Engagement Poll these feature in the top 12 drivers of employee engagement

  • I have the materials and equipment to do my work right
  • My supervisor or someone at work cares about me as a person
  • My associates/fellow employees are committed to quality work

All of these can be contributed to by the proactive management of safety in the workplace.
And it’s not just productivity, speak to a business that is having to battle a claims culture in its workforce and the costs of this!

2. Improved operational performance

There is a direct correlation between a tidy business unit and safety – slips and trips are one of the top 3 accidents in the workplace, most of these come from poor working environments and that’s the tip of the iceberg.

3. Competitive Advantage

Supply Chain Management put a significant emphasis on management standards as not surprisingly the Customer is looking to avoid disruption to their business.

The reason these benefits are not realised is often because health and safety is not “operationalised”, and so not integrated into the day to day business activities; meaning no visibility or reporting metrics that drive accountability and improvement.

How do we help?

We support clients with a combination of our cloud-based Management Systems, Consultancy and what we call Client Engagement – getting your management system up and running and embedded in the business – “operationalised” if such a word existed!

Our approach is simple we: –

  • Understand the Issue
  • Develop a Solution
  • Deliver and Implement
  • Continuous Support

This enables us to deliver improved visibility of risk exposures, engagement across the workforce and transparency of individuals responsibilities and performance against these.

If you’d like to explore how you can maximise you H&S performance in your business, click the link: