DWG & Associates join Sheffield Chamber Membership

My name is Debbie Whiteley-Grant and I set up DWG & Associates 11 years ago after working in a number of different industries including retail, insurance, marketing and the legal profession.

I have vast experience in office management, operations, marketing and business development. I even still work in two of those areas, office management and business development, but it’s now time for me to formally branch out into coaching as I have being doing this in an informal way for a number of years with the many owner managed businesses I have worked with.

As the “boss” it can be lonely and hard to voice your concerns and frustrations. As you know you should never “dump down” only across and up so if you are the boss, with employees, where do you go?

Home? Is your partner sick of hearing your woes and worries at the end of the day or on weekends and holidays? Friends? – are they giving you a wide birth?

This is where I can come in as that missing link, a trusted ear and confidant. From our initial consultation, we will be able to identify your stress points, where you need that additional support, and plan how you can get the most out of your working week. Our relationship will grow and flourish and you will able to call/email me as you would someone in the office to use as a sounding board, or just somewhere to vent! “A Virtual Colleague”.

The time is yours to use as you wish.

If you would like to find out more then please give me a call 0114 235 2160