Granton Medical Ltd Leading the way in Medical Device Packing Solutions

Granton Medical has been at the heart of the UK medical devices industry for generations. With roots traceable back to 1601, our family owned business has, over the years, produced many different forms of cutlery, scissors, swords, cut throat razors, tuning forks and razor blades.

Today, our business is all about Medical Device Packaging.

Twenty years ago, we started manufacturing Sterilisation Pouches, using unique, high-speed, validated plant. We now specialise in Self Seal Sterilisation Pouches, which feature an innovative adhesive strip, meaning that users don’t need expensive and bulky heat sealing equipment to seal their pouches up. We’ve grown into the UK’s largest volume manufacturer of these products, which are widely sold into all healthcare markets, including dental, podiatry, and veterinary, as well as into NHS sterilisation units.

We also provide our customers with a medical device sub-contract packing service. Under the Cleanline® banner, we offer our customers an almost infinite range of customised turnkey packaging solutions to meet their individual requirements – from cleanroom hand and machine packing, through to thermal washing and disinfection, our services play a critical part in the commercial success of the customers who use them.

Granton_HDW4In addition, with our in-house 6-colour flexographic print press, we now supply a sub-contract trade printing service to the medical device industry, providing printed and plain sterilisable roll stock. We also print all our own sterilisable packaging materials for use in both our Cleanline® packing and pouch making operations.

Of course, a business like ours doesn’t keep its lead without innovating, and that’s why we’re constantly improving our products and services. Add great reputation, competitive pricing, and a friendly yet highly professional approach, and it’s never a case of why Granton®, it’s a case of why not?

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