Chamber Member helps local school put on outdoor sports day

In the self styled outdoor city it seems unbelievable that one of our local schools is having to resort to fencing off and cleaning up an outdoor area just to put on a basic sports day.

Phillimore Primary School in Attercliffe has no external grass playgrounds but right next door there is an open area which it intends to fence off and clean up for the day. Local company NPrime is helping fund and resource the operation.

Its owner Ciaran OShea said “Schools just do not have the money to do things like this but we believe it is important for the children to participate in this type of activity and we are pleased to help. In our opinion the area is a hazard to the children anyway because it’s constantly dirty from dog walkers and used “accessories” being thrown into bushes etc”.

The school has asked the City Council whether the area could be permanently transferred to their care so they can permanently fence off and clean it up as a proper play area and sports field for the students.

Ciaran added “We have already said that if the Council will transfer the area we will cover the cost of the permanent fencing and the clean up. We want to be a positive contributor to the local community and we just can’t understand why the Council can’t make a quick decision on this.”

  • Gillian Briggs

    As head teacher of Phillimore School, I cannot thank Ciaran enough for the support Nprime has given us to enable the school to have their first ever sports day on a playing field! So many parents commented on the day to say what a fantastic community event it was – the best sports day ever. Our school is a Centre of Excellence for PE and School Sport – imagine the possibilities our children and the community will have with a playing field!!