Sheffield’s £1 billion partnership with Chinese investor is over – Sheffield Chamber of Commerce comment

Sheffield Chamber of Commerce, Director – Policy and Representation, Richard Wright said:

“This is a disappointing development, but we must understand that this is very much the way things go – you chase every opportunity that comes up, but you don’t land them all. Personally, I would be more disappointed if the Council and the city were not out there chasing these opportunities but accept that we won’t get them all.

“What this does demonstrate however is that winning these investments is a competitive process. Other cities in the UK will fight for them and grab them if we don’t. We have to present ourselves in the best way we can and stress our advantages and, most importantly, show a united front.

“One of my frustrations is us not being able to finalise the Devolution Deal or even present a strong united message about long term strategically important investments like HS2. Places like Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester are out there talking about the advantages HS2 will bring and getting investments on the back of it. If you don’t believe me go and look at what is happening around the future HS2 station in Birmingham – it’s amazing.

“We appear to want to lock ourselves up in internally focused parochial arguments that will never give any investor any confidence. It wouldn’t be so bad except it’s the future job prospects and income of our children and grandchildren who will suffer.”