Alexis Krachai


Alexis is currently Managing Director of Counter Context. The company is a leading communications and public affairs company that specialises in helping clients to consult, engage and promote. Our work builds understanding and trust in organisations, ideas and projects.

Alexis has spent the last 15 years working in communications, stakeholder engagement, community consultation and public policy research. He has considerable experience of designing and delivering comprehensive communications and engagement programmes on behalf of government agencies and private companies. His experience extends across a broad range of policy areas including corporate communications, residential development, commercial development, transport, energy generation and infrastructure.

Alexis helped found the Sheffield Property Association (S-PA). It’s the only formally constituted property association outside of London. Alexis has helped spearhead the growth of this organisation, building relationships with industry professionals to achieve the S-PA’s long-term goals of informing policymakers, promoting investment and driving economic prosperity across Sheffield. In the two years since it was founded, the S-PA has gained over 70 members which, between them, represent £4 billion worth of assets in Sheffield and are responsible for 22,700 jobs in the city region.

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