Faaiza Ramji

Non Executive Director

Faaiza’s best work comes from finding meaningful connections between seemingly disparate ideas.

In the past, her role in economic development had her rethinking how to shape a city’s image and reputation through the traditional, yet untapped channels of entrepreneurship, trade, and investment attraction.

Today, running On Purpose, a marketing strategy firm based in Edmonton, Canada, keeps Faaiza in lock step with entrepreneurs, the lifeblood of any city, helping them operationalize their brands and deliver on the experience they want to provide their customers. Her work sits at the intersection of marketing, business development, and customer experience.

Throughout it all, entrepreneurship is the common thread. She dipped her toe in the water when she opened a quick serve restaurant in 2011, and her latest venture, Field Notes, aims to connect consumers to Canadian agriculture in surprising ways, starting with a range of alcoholic spirits made from distilled peas, one of Canada’s largest global exports.

Faaiza draws inspiration from diverse perspectives, cultures, and communities. Her love for Sheffield comes from a connection to some of its community’s leaders and creators, all looking to elevate Sheffield and its businesses within the UK and beyond.

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