Sam Olley

Investec Wealth & Investment Limited

Why do you value being a Chamber council member? 

This is an especially exciting time for the region, and being a member of the Chamber Council offers a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the local market and help South Yorkshire businesses.

What’s the most important thing you bring to the Council, to benefit Chamber members? 

Investec has a long tradition in the Sheffield Financial Sector, having grown out of the old stock exchange shortly after it opened in 1844. I hope to bring knowledge of these local financial markets and help businesses to extend their own financial networks.

Why is Sheffield the best UK city to live, work and play? 

Sheffield is a big place but, as many have remarked before, it feels more like a series of villages. All the local regions have their own distinct communities, each offering something a little different. Along with the greenery, that is one of the things I love most about our city.

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