Newable, an employee-owned business, is a UK-based business support platform that offers a range of services to help businesses to thrive.

With a focus on supporting ambitious SMEs, and established companies, Newable provides an unrivalled platform of services for SMEs across Money, Advice and Workspace.

Within Money, Newable offers business loans and finance options, assisting entrepreneurs in securing the capital needed to take the next steps with their business. Within Advice, Newable provides expert advice to help businesses navigate challenges and opportunities. Within Workspace, Newable offers 55+ business centres across the UK to suit all budgets.

Newable is committed to creating a positive impact across all activities. With a commitment to ESG, Newable is committed to:

  1. Contributing to economic development by helping other businesses to thrive
  2. Deliver sustainability for a better future
  3. Operate transparently and responsibly in all that we do

For more information on how Newable can support your business, please visit, or email