St Luke's

St Luke’s Hospice, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary throughout 2022, looks after people over 18 from across Sheffield with all kinds of terminal illnesses, including end stage neurological, heart, kidney and lung conditions, cancer and HIV.

Each year, St Luke’s helps around 1,900 patients – some of them at the St Luke’s In Patient Centre but many more at home, where they are supported by the charity’s team of community nurses, who help treat and alleviate pain, support and counsel and in some cases, help patients to die at home, if that’s what they want.

At any one time St Luke’s is caring for 20 patients in the In Patient Centre – 300 in any one year.

Meanwhile, at any place throughout the city, the community nurses are caring for around 360 patients in their own homes – around 1,700 every year.

St Luke’s also offers individual programmes of therapies, treatments and advice through their Patient and Family Support service to help some 250 patients to live independently at home for as long as possible.

In addition, the St Luke’s Bereavement Service provides support and counselling to carers, families and friends following the loss of loved ones who received the charity’s care.