Danny Johnson

Commercial Manager

What are you here to do?

My remit is to deliver commercial growth for the Chamber to deliver good across the city of Sheffield, both economically and socially. Sales, marketing and comms will play a vital role in the execution of our strategy, and I’ll work with all areas of the business to deliver against our key objectives.

Your ‘USP’ - what unique thing do you bring to the role that makes you brilliant at it? 

I’m passionate about building long lasting relationships and over-achieving on customer experiences. My background has allowed me to drive sales and marketing strategies across the public, private, and 3rd sector keeping business objectives, ROI, and customer experience at the forefront of all campaigns. 

Why is Sheffield the best UK city to live, work and play? 

The friendly people, the affordable house prices, the amazing green spaces, the sporting heritage, the music scene, the education institutes, the lingo, pies and Hendo’s relish. It really is a city for everyone.

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