Emma-Jane Wright

Partnerships Manager

What are you here to do? 

I am here to provide first class customer support to our Patron members. I work with each Patron member to develop and deliver an annual programme of activity to support their strategic aims and objectives. Alongside this, I work closely with our membership, events, and operational teams to deliver excellence and success across multi-channel campaigns.  

Your ‘USP’ - what unique thing do you bring to the role that makes you brilliant at it? 

Having worked at the Chamber for now over a decade, I have grown, evolved, and adapted with this business. And like the Chamber, I don’t stand still… The world around us is continuously changing. Sheffield Chamber is no different - our approach, our expertise, our offer – never stops and continuously evolves. In my role as Partnerships Manager, I work across all departments to design and implement strategies to support this evolution – to our offer, to our systems, to our structures – helping to make sure we are the best that we can be.

Why is Sheffield the best UK city to live, work and play? 

Sheffield is my hometown, I was born and raised in this wonderful city. On my doorstep is everything I want and need… fantastic culture, award-winning theatre, amazing friends, and family. If not in the office or working from home, you will find me eating out at one of the many fantastic restaurants or lacing up my boots for a hike in the peaks.

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