Tracy Viner

Executive Manager

What are you here to do? 

I am here to make sure everything runs smoothly internally at the Chamber. So that the team have everything they need to be the Chamber of the future. So they can support our members and make this city is best place in the UK to set up and run and successful and sustainable business.

Your ‘USP’ - what unique thing do you bring to the role that makes you brilliant at it? 

My valuing of people and their potential, as well as my wealth of experience in a variety of organisations and roles. With nearly 20 years’ experience of being on the Sheffield Chamber Council and sitting on various forums, I have seen the Chamber evolve. I care about us being able to deliver for our members, the businesses community and our city.

Why is Sheffield the best UK city to live, work and play? 

People! Sheffield people are the best. They are warm, friendly, diverse, and supportive. On top of that there are the excellent theatres and museums, restaurants, cinemas and sports teams. There are many creative and inspiring people running amazing organisations.

Having been born here, it is home and I get a great sense of joy every time I return.

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