Charity Support

A full range of business support measures have been made available to UK businesses and employees. Below summarises support available for the Charity sector.

Grant Support

The grants that are available in relation to rateable property in use in the Retail, Hospitality or Leisure sector are available to Charities as well as private business. Where the property is considered eligible (based on the use of a property and rateable value below #51,000) then a grant of either #10,000 or #25,000 is available per rateable property.

For Charities with multiple properties that are engaged in economic activity there may be some State Aid implications but that those will be few and far between I would expect.

Definitions of the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure sector can be found within this document: Click Here

You will see it covers quite a broad range of activity e.g. museums, club houses and sports grounds where a Charity might be involved.

There is no ‘application’ per se but to access the grants in Sheffield the rate payer needs to complete an online form:

If a Charity is uncertain as to whether its property and its use is eligible I would suggest they submit the form with as much detail as they can and provide a statement as to why they think the activity within their property is either retail, leisure or hospitality.


A number of nurseries are run under charitable status and where this is the case the property may be eligible for 100% Business Rates discount for 20/21. Where this applies it will be done automatically.

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Charities with employees have the ability to make use of the job retention scheme that is also being made available to businesses in the private sector:

Other Advice

Further advice for the Charity sector has been published by the Charity Commission and can be found at: