Confidence using Social Media

Date: 19 Feb 2020

Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Learn how to become more confident in using social media for your business and brand.

Social Media is an incredibly useful tool for your business, we are surrounded by free of charge platforms where by we can share our brand with hundreds, thousands even millions across the world.

News, announcements and business communications are consumed across these different platforms constantly.

Where do you fit in this? How are you showcasing your brand and communicating with your market place? You don’t have to be global brand or even have any need or desire to be reaching consumers from the corners of the world. You too can benefit from gaining exposure and producing content relevant to your business.

The truth is many business owners and brand builders hold back from utilising their social media due to fears around judgement from others and not getting it quite right.

What should you be saying or doing on what platform?

This workshop is designed to dispell some myths, provide you with tips and tactics, and allow you to move forward confidently in promoting your message and value to your audience.

Added bonus session by Joe Hickey from The Vision. The Vision is the official media partner of HEW.

Joe will be sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience of being a freelance videographer and photographer where he specialises in content creation for businesses. You will learn how to be utilising videos and exploring content that is engaging and valuable.

Don’t allow fears and uncertainty to hold you and your business back.

Become more confident and allow yourself to grow.

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Location: Sheffield City Hall

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