The Late, Late Breakfast by The Results Hub

Date: 21 Feb 2020

Time: 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Join the Late, Late breakfast team with the fab speaker Michael Coote.

Michael Coote

Mike presents a clear and unequivocal message whenever he speaks and to whomever he speaks to. Having served as an officer in the South African army for many years and having experienced the harshness of battle conditions, much of his ability to speak of personal excellence and true leadership has been forged in conditions that have demanded authentic leadership.
When you add his vast experience to his academic background in coaching, counselling and psychology, you can begin to see the impact that this man has on the audiences to whom he speaks.

He has also studied for and has been an ordained Baptist minister for over 8 years, thus allowing him insight into the spiritual aspects of life. He knows and understands both sides of human nature – the light and the dark of human actions and personality.
When you also realise he has 98 parachute jumps to his name, you will see and hear that he is a man who speaks both from personal experience and from a real understanding of what it takes to get men and women to change…..and stay changed!

Michael Bell
Michael talks to us this month on “You receive whatever you focus on.” Building on the presentations from regular speaker Glen McCoy to teach us more about understanding visualisation.

£26 per person to cover location costs and breakfast if booked in advance through our website:

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Location: Tapton Hall

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