The Secrets of PR: Getting Coverage for Your Business

Date: 22 May 2019

Time: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM



15 Paternoster Row


S1 2BX



Arrogant and slightly dismissive, a slur on Linkedin recently led to incredible press coverage for a Barnsley-based yoga teacher. The teacher is called Matt. Matt is my client, and heck that coverage was satisfying.

Thanks to the increasing popularity of online news, influential media websites compete fiercely for the most compelling, insightful, educational, amusing or plain surreal stories. These stories (your stories) drive traffic to their sites, which in turn, generate their ad revenues.

Getting media coverage for your business has never been so achievable – because put simply, these websites need your stories to survive.


96% of the stories submitted to journalists are never published because the businesses drafting them don’t understand the mechanics of dynamic storytelling.

Following my highly-praised PR & Media masterclass in March, May brings a new bigger venue, and you get exclusive insights into the latest high-profile press placements I have secured locally, regionally and nationally, including the BBC, Financial Times, METRO, Huffington Post, Evening Standard, Sheffield Star, London Live and more, Plus, using actual real-life client case studies, I will show you:

– The ‘OPEN LOOP’ technique: learn how to grab a journalist’s attention with a powerful psychological technique bestselling authors use every day. I will show you how to write effective Open Loops using real samples that generated high-profile media coverage across print, radio and TV for my clients.

– The ‘STORY HIERARCHY’ principle: learn the key elements of a powerful press story, and via group writing exercises, you will discover the exact sequence in which they should be placed.

– The ‘ACTIVE LEVER’ method: understand which elements of your story are the most attractive to media platforms and which should never be spoken about. Become a pro at spotting your ‘hook’.

Additionally, learn:

  • Why Twitter is more powerful than Linkedin as a ‘contact’ resource
  • Why you should never want to talk to a journalist
  • How to compose a killer press release
  • What to do if you think a journalist is ignoring you
  • What ‘credibility assets’ are and why they attract press
  • PLUS, hear the full story behind the Linkedin slur targeted at my yoga client


If you are unable to attend this PR & Media masterclass, feel free to watch this interview with me instead: it’s my best stuff in under 10-minutes, and it’s free. Good luck.


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