Addressing the impact of domestic abuse in the workplace webinar

Dr Tony Bennett discusses the impact domestic abuse has on the workplace.

About the Webinar

It was recently reported that 26% of women and 15% of men in England and Wales suffer from domestic abuse during their lifetime . However, despite the current progress of the Domestic Abuse Bill through Parliament, and the news headlines of its increase in the UK during the pandemic, for many of us the effects on its victims are still not fully appreciated. Key findings from in-depth research undertaken by Tony and a colleague at UCLan, reveal that :

  • Victims are hesitant to disclose at work until serious performance or absence issues arise
  • Line managers need awareness raising and training to be better equipped to support members of staff experiencing abuse
  • There is a clear moral, legal and business case for employers to fully support employees experiencing abuse

Based on the findings of this and other recent research, the objectives of the webinar are to:

  • Critically discuss the argument that all organisations should have a domestic abuse policy
  • Establish the consequences of domestic abuse in the workplace
  • Share views on and experiences of the issues
  • Work together to decide how to make a domestic abuse policy work in practice

About the Speaker

Dr. Tony Bennett

Tony was formerly a data engineer, then a manager, in the telecommunications sector before becoming a workforce development specialist at the TUC. He has spent the last 17 years in higher education and is currently a senior lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University. His key areas of research expertise include managing workplace conflict and the role and value of mediation, equality and diversity, employee development and trade unions, and the impact of domestic abuse in the workplace. He has published papers in the Industrial Relations Journal, Journal of Business Ethics, Employee Relations Journal and Industrial Law Journal in addition to authoring works for Acas and Unionlearn. He is currently a visiting research fellow at the Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise. Tony is an accredited and practising mediator, fellow of the Higher Education Academy and an academic member of the CIPD. He is the co-author of the CIPD core text Managing Employment Relations (2020) with Richard Saundry and Ginny Fisher.


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